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April 27, 2021

"King of" is a popular branding trope in these parts. Last week we ate King of Pizza, and this morning I saw King of Concrete and King of Sidewalks teaming up on Mifflin as I walked to parking garage. That was fitting, as I'd be mixing 900 pounds of Quikrete by hoe in a wheelbarrow later. We got on site a few minutes before 9, then I ran out to get some longer 4x4s for a design update to the benches we're building. When I got back, Hannah, Hoan, and Nola were back at it, pitching in to help Sarah finish excavating post holes in decidedly recalcitrant soil. Here you see shovel, rotohammer, posthole digger, and rock bar all simultaneously in play. With the first eight (of 15) holes completed by lunch, I spent the afternoon sticking posts and mixing 15 bags of concrete in a wheelbarrow while also
prepping 30 seat supports with a borrowed saw, doubling and tripling up the lumber
to speed things along--King of Cuts.