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March 6, 2022
sarah flies back to seattle tonight, so we spent her last afternoon ohana style with a large cast of characters at mile marker 14. (thanks to johnny for this picture!) bryon brought a 5-lb roast to barbeque at the compound afterwards and it fell to me to cook it. i set it on the upper rack and closed the lid, dialed propane controls to hold steady at 375F for 40 minutes, but then got distracted trying to keep chaotic dottie under control. when i went to check on the meat, smoke was billowing from the grill and thermo pegged well past the max 650. if i were a real photojournalist, i'd have a picture of the flaming flesh chunk poised above a lake of fire, but instead of reaching for my camera i moved quickly to control the blaze.

months of accumulated drippings and other matter in the bottom had reached flashpoint with spectacular results. i shut off the gas and did what i could to suppress the flames. a minute later and the meat would have been ruined, but i was able to save it and none went to waste. i just shaved it down and finished cooking each slice separately, which i then fed directly to johnny and bryon like any good mama bird. laura made a veg chili and all the various -vores shared a farewell meal at the picnic table. driving to airport, sarah and i listed off all the people we visited with during her 10-day stay: dave, jill, van, barry, allison, lili, aria, brooke, elyse, peach, bryon, pilani, jess, scotish, sticker mike, woody (not harrelson), kangas, terry, king tut, marty, meg and pete, angela, ann marie, heather, samuel, alia, dave's parents mac and della, allison's parents jim and char, laura, johnny, and johnny's mom marguerite. with each return visit here i feel more like i'm part of a family.