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March 18, 2022
is this what a return to normal looks like? when it comes to Covid, i lost the plot long ago. "trust the science," they say, but policy has often seemed arbitrary and rife with reversals vis-a-vis best practices, influenced by social and economic factors besides health outcomes. which is understandable; we can't live in limbo forever and with no path to eradicating the virus, at some point we have to accept the risks and get on with life. i'm not eager to frequent crowded public places, but i am ok with taking mass transit to house parties with known quantities, such as this mid-size birthday bash for Kelly Blanchard. basement shows are one of the last vestiges of Old Seattle and this was my first since the Before. (i was bummed to miss secret A Frames reunion last month because i was on Maui.) Blue Star Creeper played at polite volume for the most part but sounded best when they got loud towards the end and i could feel the music vibrating in my chest. long live rock!