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March 22, 2022
sunny and warm, blooms perfume the air, spring was pretty punctual this year.
maybe only for one day, but it's a start. smoke from an unknown source on the
horizon drifted straight up in an unperturbed column, limp windsock at ferry
terminal attests to the calm.       we're on our way to port angeles, igor's new
pad with a peekaboo view         of the ocean. a working getaway, i'm to build
a couple of shop benches.        sarah had to be on a co-op board meeting and
set up a truck hood hot spot    waiting in the lineup. a placid dusk passage to
bainbridge, a lone sailboat
milked the slack wind for
all it was worth. i stood
at the bow, diesel pistons
pounding underfoot, then
retreated out of breeze to
sheltered aft deck, seattle
receding in the distance