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June 8, 2022

what's the difference between fly and
human flesh? we're both made of similar
animal cells
formed and dissolved in the
blink of an eye set against the scale of
geologic time, and like me this little guy
sought relief from the desert heat, water
spilled on my knee becomes an oasis as
posse cowers in shadow of a low mesa
in chaco canyon, once the pinnacle of
civilization in these parts, abandoned
one thousand years ago for unknown
reasons--drought? pestilence? living
beyond the means of the local
carrying capacity? i pause
only briefly to put psychic
feelers out at a kiva, too
flighty to pick up any signals,
just another goofy tourist obsessed
with taking pictures but the golden
hour beckoned
. neighbors at the edge of car camping site
invite us to look through their 8" diameter telescope, josh and
ariel from durango at first seemed to be flouting the burn ban but it
turns out to be perfectly acceptable propane firebowl and we turn our
attention to the moon's maria, enthuse over natural wonders we've seen.