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June 12, 2022

my first childhood electric train was HO scale                   
Santa Fe set and today, only 47 years later, we visited that
city's rail yard, now repurposed as galleries, boutiques, and venues. Sarah
wanted to see Jeffrey Gibson's The Body Electric and it was fantastic. after, we
crossed the street to Farmer's Market, expecting produce but finding instead the
fruits of artists, where we met another Gibson--R.J., a tintype photographer who
averred that civilization peaked in the 1930's, an assertion he backs up by hewing to the
tech of the era, right down to the '34 Dodge in which he migrated cross country seeking
opportunity, a latter-day Okie. driving home to Joyce's, we detoured even further back in
time to Las Golondrinas, where I couldn't stop thinking about George Saunders' Pastoralia,
a resonance that was heightened when we visited the goats, so jaded all they said was meh.