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June 15, 2022

             came home after a month to find our place
          standing and everything more or less as we left it.
         except for these mystery slippers left by the couch.
        texted kevin to ask if they were his. he was relieved
         to be reunited with them. he lives on the top floor and
           we do small favors for each other. used to be he'd check
                 on miso and we'd return the favor by feeding omar.

        now miso's gone
    but we still have plants that
  need love
and they seemed to
 thrive under his landscaper's touch. it's nice to help
out a neighbor when one can, especially since all that's
    between our units is carpet & stairs. he and i share similar
         dreamy dispositions and i can relate to just wandering                   
              off barefoot, drifting along lost in thought, not even
                             knowing where you last had them on.