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March 17, 2024

high tide was at 9:15 am so we wasted no time
mobilizing the fleet--canoe for sarah and jesse,
L'il Dinky for matt and me. the canoe is much
faster so off they paddled into the distance,
lower left, only a third of the way across though
they look much closer to the opposite shore--the
promised land of Hoodsport. meanwhile, dinghy
no longer leaked after yesterday's patchwork
of flex seal spray topped with bondo. matt and
i exceeded its weight limit but stayed afloat,
though without a small outboard motor in back
its trim was off and, sitting low in the water,
handled like a shoebox, so we didn't stray too
far from land but it was good enough and it
makes a fine swim platform, easy in and out,
water a bracing 49F but just fine in a wetsuit
on this summer tease weekend where the sun
felt much warmer than the 60F air temperature.
it's all very pretty on the surface, but the canal
is hypoxic, shoreline overdeveloped, hillside
scarred by clearcuts, and insufficient snowpack
portends summer drought. even so, a nice day.