BUZZ, novel, 135 pages

“BUZZ is a dark but brilliant story. It raises the question of whether you can be somewhere yet not be there at all—the moon, a neighborhood in New York City, a country or even a life. It shows us human experience through the distorted lenses of space suits, technology, totalitarianism, immigration, wealth, poverty and alcoholism. It also shows us brief moments when those distorted lenses are pulled away and we’re forced to glimpse reality in both beautiful and horrifying ways. BUZZ could also be seen as a metaphor for America’s (and Humanity’s) two hundred year binge on technology, alcohol, drugs and wealth and what happens when that binge finally comes to an end. If you like Milan Kundera, Franz Kafka, Ralph Ellison, Sylvia Plath, Henry Miller or Flannery O’Connor, you’ll like this book. It is superbly written.” —Andy Singer

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