father & son.

God is doing the best He can.
Unfortunately, He's fallible.
After all, He created Man
in His image and look where
it's gotten us. The road to Hell
is paved by God, Whose every good
intention turns to shit, just as a child
forgets to punch holes in a jar
full of insects. God's trying to create
a self-contained world of peace
and plenty. It's not His fault He
keeps fucking it up. "My God, my God,
why have You forsaken me?" His son
asks from the cross. "Jesus," God
mutters under His breath, "I've really
fucked this one up.
" It was only luck
that He was able to raise him up, but
it was no better than a zombie act and now
J.C. is a bitter teen, stinking Heaven
up with flesh that eternally rots. "Listen,"
God tells him, "Sorry about your skin,
but I've got a way to make it up...
And then he gets into some crazy
cannibalist cult fetish with followers
of the forsaken proclaiming to eat
his flesh to purge themselves of sin.
"Listen," Jesus says, pulling himself
out of his sulk, "It's cool, man. Everyone
fucks up. Just leave me alone in my room
and stop trotting me out in front of these
morons. I'd rather just forget that day but
here you have me hanging up in stuffy
old buildings where all the people yawn.
Isn't it time we just moved on?" But God
is mad, I mean crazy, and He's read Freud
and knows what's up. He's damaged His
only son and seeks to make amends. Sadly,
this only leads to more fucking up. "OK, so
sending you down did more harm than good;
I'm working on it. I'm working on it!
God's a bit beleagured and He's even stopped
going to Happy Hour at Heaven's Anvil,
the bar He started up with Moses when they
were both young. Mo sees Him in the street
and asks, "How's it hanging, G?" God
doesn't answer. It's been a long eternity.


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