For his birthday
his girlfriend
arranged a threesome.
She called a friend.
The three of them met
in a restaurant.
They ordered margaritas.
At first it was awkward.
Another round, then another,
then one more. It didn't
matter, the motel
wasn't far.
It was easy enough
once they were naked.
One or the other
got him off and then
the 2 women took care
of themselves as he
watched & got hard again.
The friend left alone
in one car, boy- and girlfriend
together in another.
The friend's cell phone rang.
(Cell phones were new
at the time. All 3 were
doing well.) "Wanna
do that again?" "Sure,"
she said, turned
the car around, met them
in the parking lot,
and went up the steps.

feb 11 2001

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