So this voice tells me to write a story.
Gives me five minutes.
I says, Voice, what the fuck am I gonna say in 5 minutes?
Voice says, That's why I'm asking you.
So I scratch my head, cz that's what you're supposed to do while thinking.
I reach for my glass. That's another thing that's supposed to help the thinking.
Empty. Like my pockets (if I had any).
Voice, I ask, why do you want me to write this story?
Voice says, I get tired of talking. It's nice to listen.
I could say the same, I say.
Tell me a story, Voice say, It'll help you forget your worries.
OK, I say. A man's about to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. Big commotion.
Police, firemen, even a hook and ladder. They talk 'im down. No problem.
Same day, a guy's feeling happy. So happy he strips down, runs across
that same bridge screaming, I feel free!
Gets run down and dies.
You get that, Voice?
Voice says, I'm sorry--I wasn't listening.


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