Unearthed on Sunday as I searched through an old accordian envelope, a strange postwar photostat of my father, a student ID complete with stamps and seals, one of the only pictures I have of him, taken when he was younger than I am now, upon completing his law degree in 1946. Further correspondence written 20 years later when he was an immigrant in search of job related how for political reasons he was never allowed to practice law, filed with gentle rejections from prospective employers. My mother was already pregnant with me when he was diagnosed with cancer in early '69, a fact he kept a secret until I had been delivered by Albert Schweitzer's former nurse in Liberty, New York. He died in 1973. My mother was happy to find his social security card, a cherished memento in his spare legacy.

Frantisek Robert Zverina
b. May 20, 1920
d. August 12, 1973

Double Negative