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Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall
Art Crimes is an international, collaborative art gallery that showcases graffiti art from around the world. Begun as an outlet for her hobby as a graffiti photographer, Art Crimes became Susan Farrell's final project for her master's degree. An ongoing project, it continues to grow in scope and size.
100% http://www.graffiti.org

House of Wallpaper
640 x 480 photos to fill your in between screen.
99.44% http://www.zverina.com/wallpaper.htm (Size 35K) Document Date: 27feb98

Trippy pictures from way out, under, and beyond.
85% http://www.zverina.com/loco.htm (Size 18K) Document Date: 11feb98

A cavalcade of straight-to-digital photography from New York's not-so-mean streets.
$24 http://www.zverina.com/NYC.htm Document Date: 10apr98

Picture of the Day
Old and new unfold almost daily. Hold on to your hats.
!?% http://www.zverina.com/weirdtoc.htm (7K) Document Date: 09mar98


Belief and Technique for Modern Prose: List of Essentials
Jack Kerouac's top thirty do's. In life, as in art.
100% http://www.zverina.com/cosmoprose.htm (3K) Document Date: 13may97

Pages for the Blind
[text only]
70% http://www.zverina.com/blind/poems.htm (1 K) Document Date: 23feb98

The Big Book of Dreams
Writing with the lights out, in one dream and out the other.
69% http://www.zverina.com/bigbook.html (25K) Document Date: 06feb98



FreeforM radio
WFMU is an independent freeform radio station broadcasting at 91.1 MHz FM stereo in the New York City area, at 90.1 Mhz FM in the Hudson Valley, and now available on the net.
91.1% http://www.wfmu.org Document Date: 02mar98

Look in the cupboard and settle for a can of sardines from when Allen Ginsberg was crowned Prague's King of May. Add lead chips from a flaking steam radiator with just a dash of ferlinghetti and simmer over post-Cold War heat. Sprinkle in fallout from Chernobyl while stirring with a broken broomstick. Scrape the elegant reek onto a scratchy Zappa LP (Hot Rats will do) and you're ready to eat with Uz Jsme Doma.
91% http://www.zverina.com/alternatune/uzjsmedoma.html (47K) Dokument Date: 28jan98

Jersey City quartet squeezed a lot of different sounds out of a bass, two guitars and drums by sharing songwriting and singing duties and switching instruments, creative cooperation which makes each song on their two merge records Songs of Drinking and Rebellion and A Seat Beneath the Chairs uniquely beautiful.
100% http://www.zverina.com/alternatune/spent.htm Document Date 07apr98
A dozen good records with links to sound samples at amazon.com. A small percentage of your purchases helps keep the Picture of the Day alive.
80% http://www.zverina.com/alternatune/home.html Document Date: 28feb98

Plastic People of the Universe and Pulnoc
What do Vaclav Havel and the Velvet Underground have in common?
100% http://www.furious.com/perfect/pulnoc.html Document Date: mar96



Aurora Picture Show
Call for entries in film and video for year-round filmfest. Call for entries in film and video for year-round film fest.
100% http://web.wt.net/~grover/aurora.htm (Size 1.3K) Document date: 14 Dec1997

Guy Maddin's Archangel
Actor Michael Gottli, who portrays Jannings the Coward in Greg Klymkiw's production of Guy Maddin's Archangel, was seriously injured during a disembowelling sequence. In the scene, Jannings is accosted by three Bolsheviks who slice his stomach open. Mr. Maddin, seeking realism at every turn, insisted upon using a real bayonet. During shooting, the blade pierced through the false stomach pouch and tore into Mr. Gottli's flesh. Various crew members offered to rush Mr. Gottli to the hospital, but Mr. Maddin insisted that shooting would proceed as planned.
100% http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Studio/7324/Archangel.html (13K)  
Everyone knows bigger is better, right?
0% http://www.zverina.com/moviemate/titanic.html (Size 9K) Document Date: 19jan98



Lunch with the Bard of Central Park.
85% http://www.zverina.com/poeto.htm (15K) Document Date: 9jun97

The Seen
Fifteen kilobytes of fame.
90% http://www.zverina.com/peepole.htm (32 K) Document Date: 09aug97
Extreme Zverina Team
I don't know who these people are, but because Zverina is an uncommon last name, I suspect we're related. This is what I get for doing a name search. Not since Ackroyd and Martin have you met such fun-loving Czechs. Free moonrock to person who explains Joke of the Week.
7% http://www2.arnes.si/~ssdkpirm/ezt.htm Document Date: 25dec97



Prague in a thousand words or less. Eight months of innocence in the city that gave Kafka the heebie-jeebies.
68% http://www.zverina.com/printro.htm (2K) Document Date: 10mar98

The Snows, Rains, and Muds of Kilimanjaro
Rastafarians, flying shoes, and El Nino mix it up on the mother continent.
100% http://www.inlineskate.com/topical.htm Document Date: jan98
Espana Tipica
Three weeks living out of a bag, toting rice I never cooked.
77% http://www.zverina.com/espana.htm (27K) Document Date: 06jun97
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