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Naughty Bits
A long time ago, a series of my nude photos appeared at Two of these now appear in the book Nerve: The New Nude. You can buy the original master prints for $100 each, or both for $180. Each is approximately 16x20 inches. These are the actual prints reproduced in the book.

Nerve: The New Nude
the new nude

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From 35mm Negative...

In my time I have made large prints with elaborate frames, such as this 3x4 foot Plexiglas monster (one of a dozen like it!). While satisfying, it is costly, and I usually end up giving the work away when it comes time to move. Instead, I prefer making custom prints to order which you can frame to your own tastes. These are gallery quality prints, signed and numbered, suitable for hanging above your kitchen sink (or anywhwere else you choose) as I have done with Green Skoda below. Prices range from $250 - $400, depending on size. If you're in Seattle, you can see just how fine and big these prints are by visiting the OK Hotel, where my Urban Wildlife series is on display from Aug through September 2000. On this website, film work is concentrated in LOADED, P<1K, and I Saw My Country Die, although there are several 35 mm film exceptions at the predominantly digital Picture of the Day. Just write me to find out what's what. Domestic shipping included.
Strictly Digital...

Since December 7, 1997, most of my photos have been shot with a Kodak DC210 digital camera. When enlarged, they become pixelated, but at smaller sizes they are practically indistinguishable from traditional photographs. Plus, they're affordable. For only $15, you get two images on a single sheet Kodak paper photo-quality inkjet printout, with an image size of approximately 5x7 inches each. The .jpgs and .gifs on this website are compressed for the Web. click for sample .tif - 1.6 MThe printouts you receive are best quality, high resolution, uncompressed .tifs. Just write me the URL and title/description of the image(s) you want and I'll print them up for you. $20 includes all shipping and handling.

Larger enlargements can be made from digital>slide conversions. Email inquiries.

~ To place an order or ask a question, contact: Robert Zverina, 206-547-6433 ~
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Framed Example in the Photographer's Own house