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Artist Title Label/# Description Price
7" + 12" singles
/ Digital Dance
Prehistoric Records, 1983, PR-2 45 rpm single. Octavio Lavemour (vocals, synth) and Greg Skol (drum programme).  the b/w picture sleeve of early '80s new wavy chick led me to expect female vocalist, but no. the b side is the gem here. Lavemour's vocals are completely unaffected and underproduced--which is a very good thing, especially when contrasted the messy cheese goo of "infatuation." takeaway lyric: "everything is all preset..." $22
Richard Bone
Digital Days
/ Alien Girl

Survival, 1982, Sur 006

Sounds like an electronic version of "Let My Love Open the Door" but with a long trail-out that is so old school futuristic that it predicts the sound that is making a comeback with today's analog synth-enhanced Djs. Alien Girl tries to kick ass like Devo but falls short except when Bone goes off on long instrumental tangents he makes his own. Plus the stylish packaging you'd expect form Survival. $16
Dolly Mixture
Everything and More / You and Me on the Sea Shore Respond Records, 1982, RESP4 The title track has the verve, jangle, and energy of early '90s american indy rock--somewhat in the Tsunami or Heavenly vein. Female trio Rachel, Debsey and Hester rock like a thrown beercup. With bells even! B side is thoughtful instrumental. This record is far better than the insipid pink picturesleeve would lead you to believe. Produced by Captain Sensible under the Polydor Ltd UK umbrella. "Everything..." is a hit! $18
Drinking Electricity Subliminal
/ Random Particles
Survival, 1981
45 rpm "Double A Side" single. Wishful thinking, tho either one of these could've been a hit in some parallel universe. Lots of digital keyboards punctuated by slashes of guitar, female vocalist sings in machinelike way. Subliminal is the better cut, I see the smoke and strobes of my suburban new york teen clubbing days. If you want to rock your '80s nostalgia party, whip this one out. Hot yellow picturesleeve. $20
The Front Aluminum Room
/ Poor People
Foam Records, 1982 45 rpm of another Devo wannabe band. Still, this is old enough to sound authentic now. Truly bad cover art, b/w picturesleeve reflects the seedy underside of this band's hometown, Miami, USA. Despite their US origins, they sometimes sing "aluminium," either aping or mocking Brits--it's hard to tell which. $16
Hawaiin [sic] Pups Spook Opera AV - 2
Manufactured by CBS Inc.
51 West 52 Street, New York, N.Y.
am i playing this at the right speed? what hyper drums. "here comes the wolfman - watch out! / in the subways / and the delis / they'll eat your feet / and your eyeballs / the spooks are coming..." this is a white label demo with no markings on the label. my guess is someone in the legal department raised the touchy subject that "spooks" might be interpreted as a derogation and thus kept this from ever seeing the light of day. the sleeve is generic white paper with big round "window", Hawaiin Pups - "Spook Opera" stamped on in light red. certainly a rarity fit for a halloween christmas party. same on both sides, a second listening and i realize they are also singing about zombies! the price just went up... $69
Swahili Lullaby
/ Teekon Warriors
2 guys, 2 gals look thoughtful gazing out a window streaked with rain, reflecting trees. Very arty 45 rpm single, shiny picturesleeve with trippy linedrawing cover, kinda Dr. Seuss meets MC Escher. The grooves are actually quite listenable. Teekon Warrior has a sweet bassline begging to be sampled. The first 10 seconds of each side is sublime. Early '80s British new wave pressing. Same label that first put out Television Personalities! Whaam made quite a splash--as things often do before they go under. $12
The Limit Shock Waves / OK GO Survival, 1981, SUR 002 Is this record skipping or is it supposed to sound like that? Any song which raises that question can't be all bad. The title track is kind of muddy and overproduced--my guess is they didn't like the female lead vocals but I suspect they would have sounded better with a rawer sound. As usual, the B side is purer; "OK GO" makes me wonder if these weren't the first kids on their block to get into ecstasy. $14
System 56 Life on a Cool Curve
/ Other Side of Science
Detour 5604, 1983 The look is 4 AD, the sound is Devo--who would believe this band was from Cleveland, Ohio? Our global telecommunications age was blurring boundaries even way back in 1983. Amazing. 45 single. $25

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