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March 18, 1999

At 6:14 p.m. a car pulled over and beeped. At first I was afraid they wanted to yell at me for the butt I'd just flicked in the gutter but it was only Jeff on his way to return "some vids." I was happy for the lift because the note on the lentils said "take me to Gould at 6:30!" and there was no way I would've made it on time otherwise. After floating paper airplanes from the fourth tier of the prison-like hall we walked across a drawbridge to end-of-semester potluck supper at professor Ron's houseboat directly under the incessant whine of I-5 but he'd insulated the place himself and it was cozy and quiet inside, the occasional swaying of hanging utensils in the kitchen the only reminder that we were floating all the while.