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September 20, 1999

today's happy hour: ExLax with a prune juice chaser

Free Money!

John King was the first to scope out Ivar's's once great happy hour whose unlimited wings, mussels, clams, chowder, veggies, jalapeno poppers, mystery meatwraps, and occasional chocolate-dipped strawberries we washed down by the pound, our gullets lubed by halfprice beer, wine, and well drinks. It's probably because we showed up one too many times at 3:59 to take advantage of the 4-6:30 daily special that they curtailed the frugal alcoholic's favorite bingeing bargain. The free buffet has been replaced by the misnamed "cheap eats" menu, proceeds from which will subsidize the "redesign"--a scattering of Husky banners & flags "almost" "seamlessly" integrated with the Native American decor to lure the college crowd, representatives of which were conspicuously absent this Monday Night Football afternoon.