Many of you know John King from Humdifier, Spent, and The Randy Pampers, but did you further know that he used to spend a lot of time alone in his room recording solo four-track creations? Of course you did, but maybe what you did not know is that many of these lost gems are now available from MirrorMusic, where "Patron Saint of Bottled Hate" is the featured track of the week. | | | | Even if you don't download the track, you can still rate it. The more high ratings it gets, the more often it will be recommended to MirrorMusic visitors. | | | | MirrorMusic is a new site, one of many offering independent musicians a way to distribute .mp3s for free. You can register as either a listener or an artist. Artists can upload up to 15MB of their music, no strings attached. As a listener, you can download and rate .mp3s. Their database correlates your ratings with those of other users to custom create recommendations based on your preferences. Time to worship like mad.

         rub it in why don'tcha?