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October 10, 1999

Well, not every night can be as fabulous as this one, but the evening did start out promisingly enough at the Monkey Pub with Harpy, some very chic kids from
Japan who play a kind of electronic nowave punk jazz held together with bubblegum. After their set our quest for a good time took us to Bevis Frond at the Langston Hughes Theater. It's a cool venue, with plush carpeting in the aisles to lounge on and a domed ceiling against which three different films were projected simultaneously. "Frond" reminds me of fern, which is what the dinosaurs ate. We ended up goofing around on the steps of the theater where Austin Powers' long lost cousin handed me an invite to Judy Nicastro's Renters Ball. Maybe I'll go "in my best rags to symbolize the renters' plight," as the yellow invite suggests. The evening ended/the morning began with a 4 a.m. Safeway pizza (2/$4.99) breakfast, the paper to which we neglected to remove, resulting in this fabulous artwork, the original of which is up for grabs at ebay.
What am I bid?