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October 28, 1999

you've lied in it, now make your bedTo celebrate my first full year in Seattle I donned a tie and made the bed. I had no place to be that required it but I find it easy to fool myself into greater productivity. The day started, raindrops through the window when the wind blew woke me, an early morning phone call from Kalinda saying all was well. The Halloween candle I bought after a U-Dopple gym sweat was made in Sparks, NV, and it's leaping on the table. When I was bucking for supervisor at Noyes, Tracy Hammer told me that picking up napkins was like making the bed--a little thing you could do to give the impression of order. She used to date my friend John and then she blew up over the ocean. Still wearing a sports jacket, I rode Sarah home along the Burkey on my bike. We paused at the Fremont Bridge to watch the sparks fly. Fire (acetylene), water (rain), air (sauna), and sidewalks smeared with wet leaves (earth)--an altogether elemental anniversary.