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December 7, 1999

Basting, Tampa, FL, Thanksgiving 1996

Genevieve from nerve asked me for prints of two pics for next year's "Best of Nerve Photography" book so I spent all day in futile search for "Applicant" neg, pawed through boxes of old prints, thought how easily photographs deceive, wafer-thin, hold them up to the light, see them for ghosts. But those love-like feelings creep back like wisteria, the angle of an ankle, shadows and fabric. The shutter captures 1/250th of a second but I don't remember even that much, really, I mean really remember to the point I can relive the emotion. It's too far gone, and childhood even further, weirder. But the pictures did confuse my heart and I had to call. And destroyed the illusion of love once and for all.