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December 19, 1999

   do you see what i see?

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Oh what a jolly time we had last night, sipping absinthe on the rocks out of martini glasses with cinnamon sticks, lying in the tub looking through distorting Hannukah lenses at cascading icicle lights ringing the bath, wrestling Leif down the steps because I didn't want him to buzz off with B. Woke up hazy but happy 'pon hearing James hurrying out to catch a ferry but wouldn't let him leave until he took our live Charlie Brown Christmas tree (a Day T'ree Channukah present to Sarah from me). Lounging around with Sarah and John Berry listening to the complete John King collection before deciding yea or nay to the Fremont weekly flea, this was the last picture I took before blinding myself--oh gee! And no amount of mousing over could make my scratched cornea see...