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March 15, 2000

bussed bust

Let's hear it for chance meetings. Finishing an early morning run in the sun I bumped into Boma at an unlikely corner. He had his new love in the truck but after that it was time to help Dennis move his prof father's foreign language books and a big convertible sofa out of his ex-wife's house so I said sure I'd join him after taking care of some work, but when I got home my 'puter wouldn't boot up so I walked up to Dennis's with the latest SCHMECK in my ears, not particularly upset over having to spend a day away from the monitor. After shuttling between his ex-wife's house and his we came back to my place and over a couple of beers he was able to salvage my system although not even his 4 years' Microsoft experience was enough to get the cruddy SCSI for the Tamarack Artiscan 12000C to work but I was happy just to be able to get back and send this message to you. We met up again for an evening at I-spy where who should we bump into all at once near back alley entrance sharing a surreptitious smoke by the Dumpster under glaring streetlight but Kirchmer and Javier, with Culbertson just as surprisingly bringing up the rear with a well-timed tap on my shoulder. It's just been one of those weeks where everything has been aligned.