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March 20, 2000

nathan jediah murdock

we planned to watch a corny movie-- CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA --because Brad at Hypno Video who knows all said it had a Cuban subplot and that's where Sarah is going next week, but Jed came over with a six of Coca Cola to go with the last of the rum and fresh cut limes for libres not to mention an 8-pack of Guinness purchased dirt cheap at post-St. Patty's day sale. things were fine until we started the movie and all he wanted to do was talk (with the movie on) and all i wanted to do was watch (insufferably honoring the sanctity of art) so i turned it off and he called me a fascist while Sarah feigned sleep. i lit a candle, said if we were going to talk we should talk but not with the TV on--i hate that thing and a movie monster's a lot less scary than the deadening scan rate of the illuminated box. he left in a huff, i drained the last of the rum, the glass he left behind unfinished in anger, and could barely watch the movie it was so terrible and immediately for reasons aside from the film's quality i regretted my pigheadedness and vowed never again to take "cinema" so seriously. shhhh...