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April 11, 2000

Sarah back from Cuba this morning 6 a.m., half a pizza waiting for her in the oven. No time to rest, she was up an hour and half later for a real estate finance class, an econ requisite for urban planning masters program. The sun was high and it felt summerlike so we got on our bikes and followed our usual route over Burke-Gilman Trail, U Bridge, around Madison Park, up through arboretum, and down hairpins to Denny Blaine, our favorite Lake Washington fundip spot. I dove in for Y2K baptism, first time my feet have left the ground since unseasonable dip October 24. Vegeroni, mozz, crackers, and MGD to wash it down. I played the flute, we watched the water and talked about how hard it would be to leave Seattle, but mayhap Brooklyn calls... denny blaine is in my heart dee da dee dum