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April 17, 2000

Jed & I picked up Andrew from the airport. Just in time, we met him at baggage claim. In typical Keyes fashion Andrew arrived for a three-month Seattle stay with just a carry-on backpack, his luggage left behind because he'd arrived too late at departure in Honolulu to check it. Sea-Tac has a new short-term parking system where you feed your ticket into a machine, it tells you how much, then you struggle to get it to accept your bills (Sarah and I have had this experience more than once). We forgot to prepay so instead of feeding the dropgate our receipt, we fed it the original ticket; much to our surprise, it lifted, so keep that in mind next time you pick someone up from the airport.

I met Hal just yesterday as I walked to the Sunday Market (where I bought 40 LPs--what a geek). He recognized the soccer club shirt Sarah had brought me from Brazil, wherefrom at he too just back learning Portuguese ten weeks. He was wiring his garage for electricity and joined us for Welcome Back to Seattle, Andrew lunch on Dad's deck. On the way back up the alley he said, "After-dinner mint," and picked some fresh fennel. I had walked past that spot literally a thousand times and never noticed it because herbs are something you buy at the store. It was a little like the flower sutra--everything I needed to know was in that sprig of green. "A casual perfection of rain and sun," as Paul Violi once put it. We stood on top of the tower he's building himself, the roof of which is reused plywood forms from when he poured the concrete, horseshoe and bamboo embedded in the walls.   throw it open, it's getting dark
It was a day of reunions, returns from the islands. John Berry down from Orcas for a week of work, we finished the cold Carlo Rossi burgundy, started in on the white, listened to records, laughed, and talked about the importance of love, Love, LOVE. That's right, never utter a hateful word. Control your mouth and your heart will follow. It's a simple idea, maybe the only one.