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January 24, 1999


The world's tallest Lenin statue was salvaged from Slovakia and now stands next to Taco Del Mar. I had just finished ordering my usual super fish burrito --wheat, black, and hot (i.e., the tortilla, beans, and sauce, respectively)-- when I thought I recognized the guy standing in line behind me. I'm getting to that age where everyone I see reminds me of someone I once knew so I paid it no mind until I saw him eyeing me. "Aren't you...?" he began. I knew immediately who it had to be--Andrew Keyes.

from treeclimbing in ithaca, ny
to rickshawriding in calcutta in 10 easy years

We'd gone our separate ways after college freshman year, back in '88. Since then he'd taken a master's in oceanography from San Diego but gave it up after he realized it was mostly statistics and he tended to get seasick. After that he travelled the world, riding busroofs in India and breakfasting with monkeys in Bali. A rather roundabout journey just so we could meet again at a Seattle taco stand on a rare sunny day.