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May 4, 2000

Brown's Law: Drinking Expands to Fill the Delay

no clocks in bars
not even at
the airport
egg & cheese
on a muffin
20 oz. beer
w/ whisky shot
a dollar extra—
the break-
fast special.

bloody marys
make the rounds
it's not yet
9 o'clock.
the place
is full
there's a woman
fine-boned blonde
pouring from
green beer bottle
my eyes are not
good enough
to see the bulge
of each swallow
but I can
and see
at least
where she looks
with the glass
to her lips:
at the ceiling.

when she turns
to leave
she doesn't look back
and the back
of her head
blondely recedes—
it's a short walk
from here
to a whole
'nother city

Charlotte Airport, NC