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April 27, 2000

john [par]king outside his home at 111 1st ave standing amid light rail construction (the herald of gentrification)
I spent most of the day not moving much, lying on the futon in john's unit, reading THE RIGHT STUFF, slugging off plastic gallon water jug. when he came home from work watering plants around 1 pm i opened the door naked just to show what kind of a slothy day i was enjoying, and he climbed into his sheeted-off loft for a nap. still light out so late in spring, we made the most of the evening, all access passes to NYU class of double-aught-something Irving Plaza private concert: APPLES IN STEREO, SUPERCHUNK, and BUILT TO SPILL (in order of appearance). A couple of bandroom beers later we were back nextdoor at dark candlelit bar from whence Myers and I laughed our way with Euvin to a beauty salon cum bar where I bought a drink for toothless Gypsy just before they threw him out.

< < John [par]King - this shot was NOT set up!.
you can SEE the light shinging through the drip off Doug Martsch's nose - you can DRIVE a truck through the gap in Gypsy's smile - euvin you ROCK!
^ Light shines through the sweat dripping off Doug Martsch's nose.

Gypsy shouts hoarsely, Euvin fuckin' rocks! ^