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June 29, 2000

The Magic Bell of Poet-OI met Poet-O in 1996. I had gone to Central Park for lunch, leaving my mother in an oncologist's office where she'd be undergoing several hours of tests. That was way back when at the start of her illness, which would last for more than three years even though the first prognosis had been two months. I bought Isidore lunch and we sat near the zoo, where he entertained me with poems, tall tales, and tame squirrels. A couple of years later, I called him up. As luck would have it, he was reading the very next day at a college one block west of my apartment on 71st Street. I videotaped the evening. One year later, a film student at NYU found me via the Web and requested photos and any other materials I might have, so I sent her a copy of the videotape. Then, just a couple of weeks ago, I received news of another documentary: Life Is A Dream. I did not contribute anything to it, but I sure wish I could be there for the premiere. Given the way coincidence has thrown me and O together in the past, I'm sure we'll meet again. Ting-a-ling.