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July 6, 2000

map of foster island, seattle, wa 'When you are down, it's a long way up. When you are up, it's a long way down.' --Love & Rockets
Wow, what a treat. For just a few bucks, you can rent canoes from U Dub's WAC, paddle under 520 overpass, then float around the Foster Island estuary by the arboretum where a bridge to nowhere provides a launching point where thrillseekers fling themselves into gravity's arms for a taste of flight. Some good soul has gone to the trouble of affixing handholds for climbing practice, but you only get one chance because they're slippery when wet. The water's not very deep for 30-foot leaps (they say about 10 feet), but the bottom is covered with crushed vegetation like a straw mattress, so even if you hit the worst that will happen is you break an ankle of get stuck in the muck. Just be sure to look before you leap--people have died jumping onto unwitting canoes.