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July 7, 2000

                      jump in jump in jump in
Went by the arboretum again today, this time on bikes with Sarah and Andrew. We rode on the overpass, littered with green and brown broken glass, former beer bottles swept into a pile so barefoot jumpers don't cut themselves but Andrew got a flat anyway, so I had time to climb up again and photograph these two young men who ran, jumped over the side, and splashed. We continued to Denny Blaine where the resident dog Fetch barked until we threw her 4-foot stick far into the lake, again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again etc until we feared she would have a heart attack but if you didn't throw it she would bark and bark and bark and bark until finally Sarah stood up, clapped her hands, and said, Go home. Which the dog had apparently heard before. She turned and left with a single sad look back. It was a good day, simple and beautiful.