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August 12, 2000

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What a morning. I wake up facedown hungover in a messy bed, sarah staring in disbelief at the burn on my arm and i wonder if it's third degree. At the Dock I almost pass out over my omelette, unsure if it's the Jaegermeister working me over or something to do with my injury, now slathered in aloe from Dandelion apothecary and I'm popping vitamin C. On the can I'm trying to find some relief when a guy on crutches suddenly falls through the stall door, breaks the latch and barely misses landing in my lap. The cure was to be a trip to Snoqualmie Falls, but just a few minutes into it, still on 45th, we rearend an SUV as we crawl past Dick's in 5mph traffic. Kristina's Taurus wagon is totalled, radiator caved in and hood taco'd by the too-high bumper of the unharmed Bronco. Nothing to do but collapse on the shady sidewalk and watch the antifreeze trickle away. I've had worse days.