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August 26, 2000

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"We're almost there!" I started saying even before we left. Moving from old place to new, unpacking boxes from the move, picking up my kilt, tying up loose work ends, and loading up trucks for Burning Man all at the same time made for a hectic Friday, so it was somewhat welcome news that Dave's truck--an '87 Range Rover initially intended to be used for parts--needed new front brakes before we could leave. We spent an easy day on the farm loading the trailer with bamboo, burlap sacks and beater bikes, adding horns, and hot tubbing in the backyard. Completely overloaded, we left at dusk and no sooner were we on the Tacoma ferry than Dave and Anthony were under the truck trying to identify the cause of another brake problem. Better to find it now than when descending out of control down one of the many mountain passes that lay ahead. 3 miles down, 647 to go...

("We're almost there!")