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Fried Day
September 29, 2000

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It is raining. Today I stayed inside and went a little crazy plucking guitar, typing poems, nailing ceramic flaming heart above sauna window, putting ten self-adhesive stamps on bubble envelope to California, photographing barbaric toys through a magnifying glass, sending email and updating websites, reading, sweating, eating the dregs of three almost spent pints of 1) rice dream 2) sorbet 3) ice cream, petting the cat, and fretting about future, present, and past. I'm not usually this way. Usually I keep it all much better under wraps. You?

Crazy Poll
Do you ever feel crazy?

Everyone feels a little crazy sometimes.
In an insane society the only sane thing is to go crazy.
I have learned to channel my madness into socially acceptable --and even lucrative!-- functions.
Crazy? Hell no! I just keep telling myself, "It's only a movie. It's only a movie..."
I don't feel anything at all. Ever.
I feel less crazy when I am away from the computer.