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October 3, 2000

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Shana is 4 Nader--why aren't you?

Make an informed choice this election:
the issues
the republicrats
how the debates are "fixed"

the news you won't see on tv

In Ralph's words:
on the debates
larry king transcript

Bearing signs, beating drums, and playing music, dozens of Ralph Nader supporters converged on Pioneer Square in Seattle to protest Nader's exclusion from the first presidential debate being held 3,000 miles away in Boston. The nightly news spent more time discussing Gush and Bore's wardrobes than they did reporting on the thousands who marched in Boston to protest the blatantly anti-democratic exclusion of third party candidates from the debate. Why are they so afraid that they wouldn't let Nader into the audience even though he had a ticket? Maybe they remember how underdog Jesse Ventura went on to become governor of Minnesota on the strength of his performance in televised debates. I don't want this website to become too political, but if you look at the issues (issues other than what the candidates wore), you can't help but feel that voting for Nader is the only ethical and responsible thing to do. In 1996, 51% of eligible voters did not vote. If half of those people turned out this year and voted for Ralph, he'd WIN. Vote your conscience, not your fear. Spread the word, protest, and Let Ralph Debate!

"It's not enough to vote--you have to campaign!"

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