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October 9, 2000

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who's that cat doing pullups on the door?
I'd like to see you hanging on the lip of a door by your fingernails
meowing as i swing it open

<META name="description" content="Yesterday's headlines, tomorrow's deadlines, the way lulu purrs is oh so fine, in my lap all day happy to be out of the rain. politix is bad medicine but bush whiffed a lot of blow so either you're for legalizing all of it or you shouldn't vote for him because he's a man in an unstable state. I think of Andrea and how little thought she must give her governor and it makes me glad she'll be showing lowriders on film and i'm sure some real ones will roll up. damn! and i'll be elsewhere but having fun i hope if i can just learn from lulu who's been meowing all day and who went out twice coming back wet both times while i spent my time dry then sweating in the sauna. Bruce, fix your gutters while the sun shines in a prolonged summer sky--aye! No soft commas here I saw a picture of Kerouac on a videotape cover in front of which store today a towtruck driver charged a dumpy mother $80 to get it off the flatbed but a pretty young thing didn't have to pay so Ilse got their names and numbers all the driver could do was, as Brad put it, stare at his pants. everywhere you go someone is fucking your dead mother to sell you something or take your money like the frenzied amphibian humping Queensland roadkill in 1939 dramatically reenacted by Mark Lewis. So, you see, it all makes sense if you just sit with it a minute listening to cajun accordion record which might have influenced my decision yesterday to buy a $5 toy squeezebox MADE IN CHINA to play shilling for Nader before CNN cameras there to cover utilikilts and the green revolution. What'd he say?">