a long night's journey

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December 21, 2000

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when that afternoon i was playing with my fantasy farm little did i suspect i'd be awaiting the dawn with a very real horse alone but for each other in the mist of overcast sunrise sky bleeding from black to bluish grey. up all night thanks to ed's fantastic snacks, everyone else crashed out on the floor at deniz's place. we spent the morning like billiard balls, in changing combinations, colorfu



beer from arne, glog from wally,
smokes from steve, brownie from jed,
an unopened beer someone hid in a corner,
another longneck from rick,
some red i found under a table
when the lights came on
and they kicked us out.
we drink it teen style,
steady rain falls on former brewery parking lot,
back against concrete wall under high canopy
built to keep tall beer trucks dry when loading,
a trickle creeps along asphalt closer & closer but
the slope's just right and it turns to miss us
like a river changing its mind.
no wind so we're covered,
a downpour straight as hair, 4 a.m.,
the party's over,
we watch them
the barn-sized
S     H     I     P     P     I     N     G
door shut
on the longest night
of the year