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March 7, 2001

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when you walk the world flows over you like water, when you swim it's better
Did I tell you the good news about my camera? The saga in a nutshell: I broke kodak dc210 digital camera dodging kickball b/t 1st & 2nd (i should have taken it out of my pocket beforehand), brought it in to phototronics, $79 estimate, I grudgingly agree, then they call, "sorry, we need a special part. It will be $189." I said, no thanks, then 2 days later called them back and said, OK, go ahead. Two days later they call me, "Sorry, we couldn't get the part. There will be no charge." So two days later I walk to bozotronics by way of crockett and as soon as the old kodak's in my hands I know it's well again, all tightened up and battened down after reassembly. it works better than ever and cost nothing to fix. What luck. I'm sure it's because I didn't worry about it. The universe takes care of itself, shining on cameras and cherubim alike.

One more thing. I like walking alone and looking at stuff and thinking about breathing and all the rest of it but when a 28 bus was coming up dexter i thought i hope sarah is on it and i stood out against my background and looked intently in its windows as it slowed to a stop across the avenue but she wasn't on it so she didn't get off and i thought will there come a day when sarah's no longer around and i'm watching every bus that comes by my heart swelling with hope though i know she's gone?