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November 17, 2001

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New York is like a hologram--take a picture anywhere and you'll see the
whole in it. Times Square Saturday night, a lot like I remember it
, thick
tour-orists as ever, except now I've joined their ranks, after three
years in
Seattle I've become a hayseed, impressed by crowds stepping
out of subway cars,
awed by the size of it all. At a fancy 22nd floor party
with a view of where II used to be, reminders of the 11th abound, echo
in the conversation. Many are out of work but not looking too hard, as if
waiting for more than a job.
Something's changed, people are on guard
and talk of escape, are nervous of every low-flying plane. It's a city
made suddenly aware of its own mortality, as Sarah puts it, but there's
no point worrying too much about it, a new billionaire mayor in office
and a stretch SUV limousine rounds the corner, nobody in it.