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An Unwholesome Child
48 pp of poems, stories, and pictures.


A teeny tiny b/w chapbook of a poem in six parts, w/ pix.

Duck & Cover
Single sheet foldover edition of this poem.

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Other Products
An Evening with Poet-O
"The Bard of Central Park," Isidore Block, recites his poems of living on the streets, alternating with on-the-spot renditions by unrehearsed but willing audience members. Seventy-seven years old at the time this was recorded in 1998, Block's perserverance and belief in the power of poetry to overcome hardship makes this 40-minute film as inspiring as it is entertaining.
VHS, $20 (half of which goes to Mr. Block)
"Nothing" and "The Four Seasons and Then Some"
A Boomerang digital phrase sampler meets the mouths of Rob Zverina and John Berry, aka SCHMECK, creating loopy sound experiments which run the gamut from spoken word to noise, with haunting melodies falling somewhere in between. Ranging in length from 2 seconds to 8 minutes, there are tracks here which are sure to appeal to anyone and which will more than justify the insanely low cost of...
2 70+ minute CDs for $5
The Artist Formerly Known for His Prints
Custom prints of any picture on this Website made to order, plus a variety of existing prints to choose from. Buy a 3x4-foot famous doggie photo for a low $100, or peruse my gallery of T&A shots, some of which have been featured in smutty art books.
Prices vary. Email rob (at) with inquiries.

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