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November 28, 2002

whoa, check out my balls

well, i keep fucking up. skating home from matt & beth's, wheels slipped on slick street, camera in pocket hit the pavement, batteries popped out, pix erased, so let me continue the theme of alternative modes of recording, in this case a pocket notebook sketch after multiple glasses of wine. it got a laugh then, but what do you think now?

the picture i had planned for this page was of my uncasted hand holding a wine goblet against a sunset sky. i was going to say how thankful i am for this body which i tend to take for granted, text like a tattoo along my arm. ok, enough of that shit.

gee, doing this everyday is kind of a pain. what the hell was i thinking? especially when this thought keeps going through my head: whoever finds a way to decrease the amount of information in the world is going to make a fortune. oh, what the hell do i know, anyway.

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