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December 4, 2002

i'm trying, really trying, to get rid of all this stuff i spent so many years accumulating. ever since i was a child, i was a collector, and i still have every baseball card, foreign coin, and Mad magazine i ever bought in my innocence, thinking: some day i'll sell this stuff and be rich. too bad every other collectible-savvy kid of my generation had the same notion. but it's not just about the money, it's about material sickness, compulsive acquisition to fill the void of purposelessness. or maybe it's just the inevitable consequence of mass market conditioning--buy this, buy this, buy this. [on the surface, this probably does not seem like a very effective sales pitch, but i don't think most of my fellow americans will believe me when i say owning stuff is a sickness, and so i hope to sell myself into material absence.]

anyhoo, the sale-ing goes on, with another open house this saturday morning, but that's not the point of this. the point is i had just managed to unload about a box of books when what to my wondering eyes did appear in the mail? a box of books from my sister in minneapolis! whoa. and in this box of books, a campy diet book, which in itself is mildly amusing, but what got me laughing in the midnight kitchen was her own (forgotten, i'm guessing) childish underlinings. i think they're pretty great, so here ya go, scanned and ready to click through.

maybe tomorrow i'll scan a used tissue.

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