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May 4, 2003

i have met the masses and the masses is us Went and checked out the space with Arne, found Steve in the crapper, walked through some but not all the 21,000 square feet of former Safeway supermarket. The back black cinderblock corner will be draped off diagonally, Cafe Isosceles: poetic soapbox and djs in warm chillspace of borrowed couches lava lamps and black light. Other, tall wall corner becomes theater for big projections. Between the two lies a dark alley of installations, including the media maze, a claustrophobic concatenation of opening and closing doors, each with warnings on both sides. CAUTION: DOOR SWINGS OUT--OPEN SLOWLY. WARNING: DOOR OPENS INWARD--LOOK OUT.
Read more about Weapons of Mass Distraction... here...
Weapons of Mass Distraction - Saturday May 31 2003

Event benefits KBCS, 911 Media Arts, and the Independent Media Center.

Download the CALL TO ARTISTS! [.pdf 193K]
Also seeking contributions for the posterwall, sticker table, zine exchange, and media-related info booths. Call Steve at 206-850-1442.