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August 10,

.sundays is 4 o'clock
punk rock at the sunset tavern.
.an afternoon of aggressive
music to wash the taste
of church out of yr. mouth.
.and to aid in that, $5
pitchers of PBR.

.we met jesse's mom,
from whose eyes it's
obvious jesse was spilled.
.it got me wondering
about genetic memory.

.and something greg
said about the
quest for intelligent life:
"the chances are just as
good searching inner space"
--the subatomic level, whole
galaxies in the living room corner.
.likewise, we can go back in time by plumbing
our genetic memory, the history of lineage accessible via hypnosis and dreams.
.we are our walking ancestors.
.but when i searched google to corroborate this theory, what i came up with mostly was bad poetry.

.the other night i dreamt my mother's red sauce was boiling over. that and there's no word for 11 in spanish.

.the number, yes. but no word 4 it.