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September 2, 2003

one thing which has changed since last
i was in prague is the amount of garbage
and free stuff left on the street. acquisition,
the first round of consumerism, is complete.
      now comes regurgitation.

proving that one person's trash is another's treasure,
i was delighted after a night of steady rain to find a
plastic box of Soviet era match art strewn on the slick
cobbles of sunrise. i crouched and patiently peeled
each one from the wet sidewalk while puffing a cigarette.


trashpickers are an increasingly common sight here.
and there's much to harvest. whole dumpsterloads
sit on corners, furniture stands forlorn waiting to walk.
is it eviction or overabundance that accounts for it?

a man loads a chair into his scavenger van
as i fawn over rockets, camshafts, and athletes
depicted colorfully on 50-year-old advertising,
PSAs, and propaganda someone left to rot.