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November 24, 2003


inside sleeve of The Mob _No Doves Fly Here_ how did i stick myself with so much crap?
why is it as time goes by i find it harder
and harder to relinquish my hold on it?
records are the hardest to let go of--
they store useful vibrations in their grooves.
unlike books, it's hard to find replacements.
i can't imagine any library stocking The Kidz,
from Albany, their record pressed in Schenectady.
i think i should have sealed all these in a time
capsule and buried it behind the wall steven and i
built at bob's, 180 splitface 16x8 cinderblocks.
too late for that--it's all capped off. so the next best
thing, the information crypt of the internet. fly free
in cyberspace, my pretty, all of us winged monkeys.

The Kidz _Feel No Pain_