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May 5, 2004

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shiny chicken box, ha ha please don't mistake this website for the truth.
there is a censor at work; everything you read
here has been approved. nothing that would show
the author in an unflattering light is allowed. while
what you read here happened and is faithful

to recollection, it is also scrupulously selected--
call it a fiction of omission.

as if to illustrate this point,
the camera fell in a glass of beer while filming,
was quickly pulled out, shaken dry, blown on.
condensation formed on the inside of the lens,
casting the world in a gauzy glow, what's real
reduced to a distortion of the apparatus. it was
a fine effect, no sharp edges.

battery and flashcard
out, camera goes into the oven, 200 F for drying.
comes out hot, blow on it like soup. miraculously,
it still works, but beer is sticky, full of sugar, the
lenscover and dials stick a bit, but focus is back,
ready for wherever you do or don't want to point it.