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May 15, 2004

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The Art of Resistance Conference was a weekend of workshops, lectures, discussions,  performance, and hands-on art making held at the former Rainier Brewery in Seattle's less than glorious post-industrial wasteland just south of the big new sports stadia and current freeway and lightrail construction projects. The class I taught--How to Make a Rubylith Silk Screen--was overbooked but it all worked out in the end because most of the students did not have designs prepared. The dozen that did (or quickly improvised one) went home with completed screens ready to propagate their images. Building and stretching a dozen frames required a lot of prep work on my part, but the hour and half allotted for the class just wasn't enough time for students to build their own (which is preferable because one learns by doing). Even so, it was well worth the effort and I hope the knowledge spreads.   

3 out of 12 designs incorporated the word "radical"

using lacquer thinner to "burn" the screen

branching out

click for easy-to-read .pdf
This handout outlines the steps to make an 8"x10" rubylith silk screen. It is not comprehensive.
If I ever get the time I will post a more complete tutorial with step-by-step photos. Any interest?